After a bout of neck pain I decided to swap my jewellery pliers instead for a wooden spoon. I have a recipe bucket list which is a list of recipes I’ve come across that I would love to attempt.The operative word here is attempt.

First on my list was chocolate crackle pop on a paddle stick for something a little novel. Halfway through tackling this sticky challenge I had a much better understanding of the pressures the masterchef contestants must be under & I didn’t even have a time limit imposed nor little George chop chopping in my face. Finally close to midnight, sweet victory was mine. Happy to tick this off the list!

Next on my list was slow cooked pork crackling. My main focus really was the cracking as this aspect usually seems to make or break of the dish. Surprisingly,it was slightly easier than I’d anticipated. Slow cooking just takes a little prep, patience and monitoring but well worth it for the soft, tender, juiciest cuts of meat and of course the crispy, bubbly, crackling skin. Big tick to this!

Now oven cooked chicken has always been a bit of a mystery to me as the meat usually ends up tough, dry and flavorless, that is until I came across food genius Heston Blumenthal’s slow cooked chicken recipe. I began to understand the beauty of slow cooking after stuffing my face with the finished results.Since starting my JC Lane jewellery venture I’d almost forgotten the amazing therapeutic effects of cooking and from now on will try to balance my time a little more as I have much to tick off my recipe bucket list.