I’m often curious as to the origin or story behind brand names. It’s always interesting (to me anyway) how a brand name was born.

For anyone as curious as I am, here is the quick story behind my own label name JC Lane & I also feel the need to explain as I realized the name will only ever hold special meaning to me and not the big wide world into which it is being launched.

In the process of coming up with a name I wanted it to represent something important to me and a reminder of my childhood. I always believe your childhood shapes you and you should never forget your origins wherever you end up in life. No matter where you go that ‘child’ inside never really leaves you.

The JC  simply stand for the initials of my name Janet Chow however, the C also represents Clancys Lane, the name of the street where I spent most of my childhood and teen years raised by my grandparents hence the name JC Lane.(see, makes more sense now & not like I simply tagged on a ‘Lane’ at the end to fill up a bit of space)

JC Lane is a tribute to my grandparents who played a major part in my upbringing during some of the happiest periods of my life and as a result shaped me to be who I am and what I represent today.