On the cusp of 2013, I can proudly reflect on what a rewarding year 2012 has been. Even though I’ve tinkered with designing & creating jewellery over the years primarily as a hobby, it hasn’t been since launch of the webstore in July this year & picking up a few stockists on the way that JC Lane has been made an official small business in progress.
My goal from the start however has always been to be able to utilise my creativity to assist those less fortunate, particularly disadvantaged children. I strongly believe it’s just pot luck really that some children are born into a world whereby they have more than is required to set up for a comfortable existence whilst others have the odds stacked against them from the beginning & I really do believe we have a social obligation to even out this imbalance as it could have easily been you or I, our own child, adored nieces & nephews born into that ‘other’ world. So, my proudest moments of 2012 are not that I’ve managed to sell off my creations but as a result of the creative process the small town of Madina in Sierra Leone whereby Orphund are supporting 55 orphans at the moment will benefit in some way or form. It really elevates work to a much more rewarding level giving it a deeper purpose. A sincere thank you again  to my family, friends & customers who have made this happen & good karma to you all!doante
I hope whatever you do in 2013, life affords you opportunities to lend a helping hand wherever you can because the gift of giving awakens our soul in a sometimes inexplicably cold & insane world. JC xx